Qui est Synthia?

On a Paris morning, in April of 1967, a singer surged into this world! Even when within the confines of her strict catholic upbringing, Synthia found liberation in her voice.

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In her early 20s, Synthia joined a parisian theater company, where she acted and performed in modern and classic style plays and through this company she discovered La Commedia Dell‘Arte and fell in love with the outrageous forms of this artistic expression. During this period of time she also wrote her firstsong and poetry book“, which became building blocks for future work including “Tatou“.

For Parisian Chanteuse, being on stage singing, is the most profound, exhilarating feeling! Synthia created a rock band, Stonehenge in 1994 and performed live in venues such as LArapaho and festivals in France. The musical influences Synthia absorbed from the sounds of Paris‘s “La Rue Des Lombards” (famous for its Jazz Clubs) developed into a passion. The past 10 years Parisian Chanteuse has grown an appreciation for many styles of jazzincluding Latin and AfroJazz and has infused Oriental and Mambo Dance with a “Dress Glamour into her performance.
Parisian Chanteuse celebrates love withA Tribute To Edith Piaf“.